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Here be a personal and professional profile page of a Dutch front-end and WordPress developer based in Thailand. Berend runs Frique, an international brand of web components and web dev and usability blog at

Publications web-dev column A rare to occasional blog post on front-end web development, usability and workflow. Previous articles include:

Berend Bangkok Blog BBB is for personal stories & photos about living in Thailand.

MV_list A tumblr where Berend posts recent (within 10 years) interesting music videos. It's tough not to post the classics!

Berend is...

A coffee person

Berend is...

A casual gamer

Berend is...

A cat person

Berend is...

An expat

Berend is...

A movie guy

Berend is...

Stuck in the 80s

Berend is...


Berend is...

Environmentally concious

Berend is...

A perfectionist

Berend is...


  • Dutch / Nederlands
  • English
  • Thai / ภาษาไทย
  • French / Français
  • Greek / ελληνικά
  • Japanese / 日本語
  • German
  • Mother tongue
  • Possibly better than Dutch
  • Not bad
  • A little rusty
  • Has been better...
  • I've seen a bunch of anime
  • No
  • 1993

    His first (shared family) PC.
    Yes, this is CV material, even though the dial-up modem came years later.

    #floppies #MS-DOS

  • 1998

    Berend started playing around on Geocities and made his first (black background) web page in 1998 (estimated). A few years later he started taking web design jobs.

    #irc #ftp #<B></B> #gif #urotsukidoji-fanpage #frames #notepad

  • 2000

    Berend studied Multimedia design at Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam from 2000 to 2004 while casually continuing freelancing. Jobs consisted of simple but entire websites, from start to finish, from design to building to custom CMS systems to setting up hosting.
    With every project (until this day) he likes to try at least one new technique.

    #flash #ie6 #ie-hacks #custom-cms #php #mysql

  • 2005

    Berend founded and registered Frique as an official one-man business.

  • 2010

    In 2010 Berend discovers the CodeCanyon marketplace and builds his first premium jQuery plugin: Boutique. Later that year a timed slideshow plugin Timeliner is released. was launched as an international hub of Frique work and blog.

    #html5 #css3 #jquery

  • 2011

    Berend is designer and front-end / user experience developer at Watertalent B.V., working on the Watertalent and Luchttalent job vacancy websites.

    The jQuery plugin Etalage was published on CodeCanyon in March, 2011.

    #progressive-enhancement #ux #svn

  • 2015

    Still casually designing, but shifted towards front-end development, UX and performance optimization. In terms of back-end code, Berend prefers to only deal with WordPress.

    Berend released the WordPress admin UI theme Clientside in April, 2015.

    #perfmatters #ux #grunt #60fps #osx #wp #svg #git #opensource

  • 2016 &

    Parted with Watertalent.

    Helping with WordPress and frontend development for their many clients – big & small.

    #atom #vagrant #opensource

Skills / experience

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Scss
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySql
  • Usability
  • UI, layout, icon design

Tools of the trade